Eltechnika - over 25 years of development of a modern management system offering effective solutions.

In 1991 the manufacturing plant “Eltechnika ” was founded. The founders have set the task of offering modern and high-quality low and medium voltage electrical equipment on the Russian market that meets international standards.

In 2018 “Emi Electric” introduced the product to the Bulgarian market. “Emi Electric” Ltd is the official representative of Eltechnika for the European market.

The main products of the company are:

Three-position load switching devices and SL loading with gas insulation 6 kV, 12 kV and 20 kV; vacuum circuit breakers VF12 6 kV and 12 kV.

Medium voltage panels “Onega” (6, 12, 20 kV) and metal plating “Volga” (6, 12 kV), complete transformer and distribution substation in concrete “Baltika” 6 (12, 20) / 0,4 kV.

Manufacture of components for installation of medium voltage distribution systems, Post and insulating sleeves of cast epoxy resin, contact systems and earth switches for metal linings, detachment modules, protective relays.

The products of the company can be seen at the sites of “Emi Electric” Ltd in Varna and Breznik, Bulgaria.