Measuring transformers from NTZ Volhov - the established Russian product already in Europe

“Emi Electric” Ltd is the official representative of Nevsky Transformer Factory “Volhov” for the European market. “NTZ Volhov” is a modern enterprise, producing the newest high-technological current and voltage transformers for the indoor and outdoor installation.  The company is established in 2012 in Veliki Novgorod, Russian Federation. Currently its manufacturing space is on 8000 square meters land and 4 hectares- the factory’s total territory. The producing capacity of the company is over 90 000 product per year.

     The company is founded by experienced specialists in this field. The managerial and technical departments consist of highly-qualified employees who have extensive experience in construction and commissioning of such industries. Therefore, starting the project it was possible to eliminate the drawbacks and use the latest technology in the production of this type of product. As a result, production today is fully in line with European quality standards

     The plant is specialized in the production of measuring transformers for voltage 6-35 kV and nominal primary current up to 5000 A. The use of computer programs for calculating the technical parameters allows for a long period of time to produce current transformers operating with double nominal primary current.


     Of particular interest are transformers operating with five secondary windings in any combination of accuracy classes of measurement and protection coils as well as calculated for currents with single heat resistance up to 40 kA in standard sizes.

The HTL Volzhov transformer plant produces products, including:

Transformers for current and voltage 6-35 kV indoor and outdoor installation:
    - transformers for voltage measurement, grounded and ungrounded, combined (TT and TH in one case);;
    - мeasuring current transformers supporting, transverse, busbar;
    - current transformers with zero sequence;
    -anti-resonance voltage transformers;
    - power transformers;
    - Insulators for passage.

     КThe company is constantly expanding its range and increasing production volumes. The basic principle of the company is not to save the quality of the components, every purchased material passes the OTE inspection. A robust quality control system has been set up using its own calibration laboratory. All these measures give confidence in the quality of the equipment, which is confirmed by the extended warranty period of up to 5 years.

   Clients of "Volhov NTZ" Ltd. are large construction, engineering and installation companies, companies and farms working in the field of oil and gas extraction, design institutes.

    "NTZ Volhov" is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment in the Russian Federation and the region. The company's products can be seen at the sites of “Emi Electric” Company in Varna and Breznik, Bulgaria