The main activity of Emi Electric Ltd is the manufacturing of electrical switchboards for household and industrial purposes under contracts and individual purchases.

We manufacture the following types of electrical switchboards:

  • Main and distribution electrical switchboards for industrial purposes

  • Distribution switchboards for cable grids low voltage

  • Electrometer cabinets for residential buildings and public buildings

  • Electrical switchboards for residential public and administrative buildings

  • Electrical switchboards for power plants and substations

  • Control cabinets for operating technological lines

  • Control switchboards for street lighting

  • Cabinets for automatization (Control - Measurement Devices)

  • Electrical switchboards for medium and high temperatures and pressure- which are used in the processing of oil and petroleum products;

  • Other industrial specialized electrical switchboards

Manufactured by Emi Electric electrical switchboards have high quality, competitive prices and also for us is important to comply with the deadlines.